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We are sitting in the second office room
License: The use of The Splash library: Tracy Software ltd, allowing you to download and share the software with others for free, but you can NOT change the software or reverse engineer it in any way. You can NOT sell the software as a stand-alone software commercially. You can use the software in your software, but can not re-sell it specifically as a splash library. It's the property of Tracy Software ltd Only. but you can use it for free in your software. The software is provided AS-IS without any guarenty to you or 3rd party or anyone using the software Use it at your own risk. Tracy Software is not responsible for any DAMAGES! This software is a demo. We collect some supporting data to improve the software. There might be bugs in the software. The software is not bug free. The owner and creator of the software is Tracy Software ltd (http://tracy.co.il) For any questions and open issue, if something is unclear or if you want more info or want to share your feedback with us, amir@tracy.co.il